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Our commercial newsletter for February reviews the Department of Labor’s new joint employer determination test.  We also discuss the importance of creating a crisis management plan for your company.

In January, the DOL announced a new test to determine whether organizations should be considered “joint employers.”  The final rule goes into effect on March 16, 2020. Review the four-factor test to determine whether your business practices may result in joint employer status.  If you do qualify as a joint employer, make sure you are in compliance with all applicable labor and employment laws.

Does your company have a crisis management plan?  We have some basic steps to help you get started!  Work with your team to identify risk exposure, determine the potential impact, and plan a response in case of a crisis.  We’re also including a sample crisis management flowchart to help you respond to social media posts.

Read the newsletter to learn more!

Commercial Risk Advisor Newsletter – February 2020

Social Media Crisis Flowchart