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It’s finally Spring!  Spring brings warmer weather, longer days, and a lot more time spent outside!  You may have noticed that your home is not looking its best and is in need of some TLC- winter can be rough on houses. Don’t get overwhelmed. Check out these simple tips to help your house stay in great condition inside and out!

  • Declutter: Spring is a great time to declutter or organize your house and start fresh! Try to focus on one room per day so it doesn’t become overwhelming.
  • HVAC System: As a general rule, you should change your HVAC filters every 3 months. If you haven’t changed them in a while, do it now! Its also a good idea to have your HVAC system serviced by a professional twice per year. These simple steps will help your system last longer and run more efficiently, which keeps you comfortable and saves you money.
  • Windows and Doors: Check caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors. This is a simple way to keep your home as energy efficient as possible. It also helps keep water and pests out of your home- both of which can cause costly damage!
  • Gutters: You should clean out your gutters and downspouts at least once per year. Clogged gutters can send water towards the foundation of your home, which is never a good thing! Clogged gutters can also contribute to rotting wood trim on your house.
  • Woodwork: Inspect the wood outside of your home for rot. Be sure to check decks, fencing, railings, windowsills, etc. Replace rotting wood and stain or seal your woodwork every two years to keep it in great shape for years to come!
  • Roof: Take a look at your roof, do any shingles look crooked or like they’ve popped up? If anything looks unusual, it may be a good idea to call a professional to evaluate the condition of your roof. And remember, the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is about 20 years. If you have an old roof, you should seriously consider getting it replaced before a leak causes costly damage.
  • Trees and Bushes: Trim trees and bushes near your house. Encroaching branches can cause damage to your siding or windows. Plus, a fresh cut is great for curb appeal!
  • Foundation: Walk around the outside of your house and check the foundation. If you notice any cracking you should have it evaluated by a professional.
  • Driveway, Sidewalks, and Hardscape: It’s a great time to pressure wash driveways, sidewalks, and hardscape to keep them looking new! It’s also a good idea to check for and repair any cracks. Without proper repair, cracks will only get worse due to the expansion and contraction of freezing and thawing cycles.
  • Irrigation System: Soon it will be time to start watering the lawn again. Check those sprinkler heads now to make sure they aren’t broken or damaged. Its also important to make sure they are still spraying the in correct direction- no need to water your driveway!

By getting in the routine of yearly home maintenance, you will be able to identify and correct issues before they become catastrophes, and your house will be more comfortable, efficient, and safe!


Check out our infographic below to review some of these tips: